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All About Fall! The Sun’s Shining, Kids Are Swimming, The Lawn Needs Cutting, and It’s 101 Degrees In the Shade! You Know That Means It’s Time To Talk Fall TV!!!

Wow, has this summer gone by fast, or what? It seems we were only just pulling our shorts out of the drawer and planning our summer tans mere days ago and here we are at the end of July and the fall will be upon us before we know it. For most of you, that’s [...]

“Y’all Gon’ Make Me Lose My Mind, Up In Here, Up In Here!”

And I’m in Charleston that day anyway, so it’s DVR-only for me. [sigh].

Even I Think This Is A Bit Much….

… and it’s Gallifrey, you boob (a.k.a., me!)

Well…… Crap.

Spring Has Sprung! Cadillac Jack Rides The Renewal Carousel!

The current TV season comes to an end and our intrepid reporter takes a look at what stays and what goes and what nobody knows prior to the network’s upfront announcements.

I just got a new TV. My old one, a bulky and cumbersome fifty-two incher that I bought back in 2001 in the early days [...]

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