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“A Long Time Ago, We Used To Be Friends…” The Oddly-Received Arrival Of “Veronica Mars: The Movie”!

As one of the almost fifty-two thousand below-the-line producers of Veronica Mars: The Movie, you’ll understand if I can’t be as objective about the project as I should. And, like many of those Kickstarter investors, I got the code for my digital copy of the movie yesterday and watched the film today. I was most [...]

Oooh, Shiny.

The complete David Tennant run on Doctor Who – including the specials, the animated shows, and [just maybe?] a big slab of the wonderful Doctor Who Confidentials you can only see on BBC1 – come to DVD on October 11th.
Yes, please!

It Was Always About Respect… As “Smallville” Nears The Finish Line


Did you know that we enjoy TV’s Smallville around these parts? 
And once it’s gone, we’ll probably have some final op/ed pieces from both yours truly and our very own Kryptonian Council High Lord, Cadillac Jack.
But as we approach the eighteenth green of this ten- year long course, here are a few key tidbits from the past [...]

“And Lo, There Shall Come An Ending!” (The Post That Won’t Stop!!!)

Updated 1/28/2010 AM:
New funny YouTube stuff from our favorite wacky Losties:

Updated 1/27/2010 PM:
If you don’t want to watch the final season of “Lost” in annoying week to week bites, you can wait for the home video version – ’cause it already has a street date!!

Streets 8/24/10 on DVD & BD.
• Original scripted content that goes [...]

Heads Up, “Dollhouse” Watchers…

… all 164,221 of us.
Ain’t It Cool posted the deets on the next (and final) two episodes of the show.

The main takeway from that data is you need to seek out the DVD-only episode, “Epitaph One“, before next week’s series finale, “Epitaph Two“.
Rather than setting up an ending that would make that largely “unseen” bonus episode [...]

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