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What Truly Matters In The CW’s 2015-16 Schedule? She’s The “White Canary”!!

CW prez Mark Pedowitz said on a Thursday morning press call, “‘DC Legends of Tomorrow’ is part of the “Flash”/”Arrow universe.” Pedowitz teased of big crossovers. “Yes, they will live together, as three shows.” He also confirmed big character news for CW’s superhero fans: Caity Lotz will play the White Canary, as seen in the [...]

The New Season Is Here! The New Season Is Here!

As the new Fall season arrives, I pick my choices for the best new shows, best returning shows and the one or two shows that just really shouldn’t bother.
Ah, Fall. Autumn leaves, football games and a new season’s worth of shows from the four and a half major networks. As always, the new season looks [...]

The Critic Who Came In From The Cold…

…Where we watch in wonder as our intrepid Cadillac Jack plays catch up with the first half of the TV season and tries to preview the second.
Mea’ culpa, mea’ culpa, mea’ maxima culpa.. If the Latin to English translation app on my phone is working, that kinda’ means “I’m sorry”. If I had a dollar [...]

THE FANTASTIC FIVE! [No, it’s not the Fantastic Four with The Thing & The She-Hulk. It’s just my overdue look at the five returning shows I’m most looking forward to!]

I’ve been a bad boy. OK, I’ve been a tardy boy, but bad makes me sound edgier. So I’ve been a bad, tardy boy, how’s that? The reasons for my tardiness stem from the fact that as a teacher, a father, a live theatre junkie and aficionado of all my various other proclivities and distractions, [...]

It’s Fall, It’s Fall! When Everything Old Is New Again! (At Least on TV!)

Ah, Fall. The smell of burning leaves is in the air, a crisp snap of cold bites at your nose-ah, who am I trying to kid? I live in Florida where it was ninety-five degrees yesterday! Still, it is that time of year, post-Labor Day, when everyone puts away their white clothes and the networks [...]

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