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Thank You, Heavenly Father, for The Bounty You’ve Bestowed… (Updated, as Satan Requested Equal Time)

These Katy Perry .gifs were totally swiped from The Superficial, who credited Jordan_Belfort. Said the website:
[thank you] for these GIFs that I have no idea where they’re from, so let’s just say Heaven. That should hold up in court.
Name any reason(s) that Katy shouldn’t, play the Super Bowl.
BTW, Kate Upton thrown in for no other reason than [...]

Dear “Vulture”, Truck or No Truck, Bite Me.

If Katy is releasing a new LP this year, she can proclaim it by sending a gold-plated mule through the streets, and I would still be joyful. Though I would worry about the health of the mule.
Our little angel releases Prism on 10/22/13.
[Ed. Note - a widget to our tumblr page is now on the [...]

Katy Perry, Über-Pop Princess, Kicks Off World Tour


Katy Perry launched her year-long California Dream Tour last night in Lisbon, Portugal.  Thanks to the self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media”, Perez Hilton – who introduced me and zillions of others to Katy in the first place – we have the opening night setlist:

Teenage Dream
One of The Boys
Waking Up in Vegas
UR So Gay
I Kissed a [...]

The 2010 popGeezer Radio Hot 100: Numbers 51 Through 1!

Our annual journey to the top of the pop stratosphere will wrap up on New Years’ Weekend.
The 2010 popGeezer Radio Hot 100 will air its second half, premiering on January 1, 2011, on The Prism at 9 AM CT.  We’ll then air again on JDX1029 on Sunday, January 2nd, at 5 PM CT, and repeat the [...]

popGeezer’s Pop Culture Top 10 of 2010

As we approach the end of the year, everyone has a need to publish their Top 10 “whatevers” of the year.  Though we’ll soon have the popGeezer Radio Hot 100 songs of the year showing up here, and on popGeezer Radio – in two parts, during the weekends of 12/25-26 and 1/1-2 – we needed a [...]

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