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Mrs. popGeezer Said It Best, “Why Should We Watch Either Now?” / The “Factor” Shot Heard ‘Round The World (The Final Chapter)

Updated 6/7, 9 AM: Meh.  Simon says it’s all a done deal, but it was meant to return Cheryl to X Factor U.K..  And it all went south once the story leaked.  My girl got jobbed, and that’s all there is to it.  Boo.
Updated 5/30, 5 PM: Act one of the great tragedy ends with [...]

popGeezer Radio’s Turning Of The Dial (Now Updated With Official Stream News)

 Yes, the rumors are true.
With the conclusion of broadcasting ”Talking ‘Bout A Revolution“, popGeezer Radio Version 4.0 goes to sleep. 
You remember pGR V4.0  – which featured new pop music, from every genre imaginable, plus plenty of classic rock, pop, soul and country.  You loved the “Feature Type Thing” – our tasty slab of songs about a certain event, person, or [...]

It Was Always About Respect… As “Smallville” Nears The Finish Line


Did you know that we enjoy TV’s Smallville around these parts? 
And once it’s gone, we’ll probably have some final op/ed pieces from both yours truly and our very own Kryptonian Council High Lord, Cadillac Jack.
But as we approach the eighteenth green of this ten- year long course, here are a few key tidbits from the past [...]

I’m With “Conaw”: O’Brien Debuts November 8th on TBS!

“Conan” premiers November 8th, at 11/1o PM Central, on TBS:

Bruce Wayne’s Official “Resurrection” Includes The Good Ol’ Yellow Circle

When Bruce Wayne finishes his current journey through time to get back to 21st century Gotham City, and the DC Universe, he’s going to be looking at things a little differently.  How differently?
The classic yellow field for the Bat insignia is coming back!
DC’s Bat-Manipulator, Grant Morrison, gave a big interview to the L.A. Times Hero Complex [...]

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