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A Curtain Call, But Not A Farewell! Your popGeezer Radio Evolves Again!!

The weekly feature popGeezer Radio show, normally pre-produced, has about 25-30 hours of pre-production and production in it to become a finished three-hour show. Since 2010, that’s been the norm, with only a few months where we switched back to a live-show format. Those live shows had to be post-produced to fit the formats of [...]

The 57th Annual Grammys Are Almost Here!

The 2015 Grammy Awards are this Sunday night (2/8), and since we’ve not done an awards show preview of any consequence in AGES…. How’s about we take a swing at this year’s top musical categories!!

Fancy / Iggy Azalea Featuring Charli XCX
Chandelier / Sia
Stay With Me (Darkchild Version) / Sam Smith
Shake It [...]

The Playlist For popGeezer Radio’s “These Were The Seventies, Version 2.0: 1977″

AbramRadio.Net – WGLD                                                      10/10-10/11/2014
PlanetZ102.Com & RockRootsRadio.Com                          10/11/2014
JDX1029.Com                     [...]

popGeezer Radio’s “These Were The Seventies, Version 2.0: 1976″ Arrives This Weekend!!

Airing as follows:
AbramRadio.Net WGLD – 10/3 & 10/4/2014
PlanetZ102 & RockRootsRadio.com – 10/4/2014
JDX1029.com – 10/5/2014
TCR1100.com – 10/7/2014
NRNRadio.Net – 10/11 & 10/12/2014


More Than a Feeling

Boz Scaggs

The Doobie Brothers
Taking It To The Streets

Ringo Starr
A Dose of Rock & Roll

George Harrison
This Song

Paul McCartney & Wings
Let ‘Em In

Blue Öyster Cult
(Don’t Fear) The Reaper

The Eagles
Take It To The Limit

Peter Frampton
Show Me [...]

popGeezer Radio’s “These Were The Seventies, Version 2.0: 1975″

In 1975, Disco was in full bloom, punk was still an unstruck match in the mainstream, and pop was still pretty poppy.
We reach 1975 on this week’s episode of popGeezer Radio’s “These Were The Seventies, Version 2.0“!


Sweet Emotion

Pink Floyd
Have A Cigar

Roxy Music
Love Is The Drug

David Bowie
Golden Years

Lynyrd Skynyrd
Saturday Night Special

Paul McCartney & Wings
Listen To What [...]

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