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Another Magic Night In Nashville – Thanks To Sony, Johnny-Boy And Mr. Benjamin Folds, Who Makes Me Think..

Ben Folds, “SONY Presents An Intimate Evening With Ben Folds”, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN 10/30/2013
The twenty-one years I’ve spent in Nashville, working more or less in the entertainment business, have provided me with many unique and special music industry moments – meeting Randy Travis at a CMA after-party, attending a taping of a Travis career [...]

Time To Pick A Side, Geezoids! It’s The Double-Team Review For “Man Of Steel” (Spoiler Alert)

It’s time to “double-team” review one of the most anticipated films of the past three years: Warner Brother’s massive Superman reboot, Man Of Steel. Both our intrepid reporters have ideas on how to fix it, though they disagree on how MUCH of it might need repair.
First up, your rather shaken popGeezer:
Oh… where to start? Richard [...]

Cars & Bars & Lotsa Stars!! – FF6 & HG3 In One Glorious Weekend!

Fast and Furious 6 and Hangover 3 both come charging out of the gate, but who crossed the finish line first?
It’s not a secret that your popGeezer and I can’t possibly see every movie that comes out, right? I mean, we don’t write these things for a living, can’t spend all our days in darkened [...]

“The Expendables 2″, Revenge Of The Dinosaurs!

Sly Stallone and his aging collection of septuagenarian samurai get all Expendable again and give Hollywood a crash (pun intended) course on the RIGHT way to make an action movie.
When I was a young pup in the 80’s, fresh out of college and out into a world where it would still be possible (at least [...]

“Bourne” To Be Vague

Where we sit down for The Bourne Legacy and watch it’s director struggle with a powerful case of cinematic schizophrenia…
I can see why Tony Gilroy got the gig to write and direct The Bourne Legacy. Having written the stories and screenplays to all the other Bourne movies, not to mention Armageddon, The Devil’s Advocate and [...]

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