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The Human Drama Again Casts Unusual Co-Stars

Today’s popular culture passings are not really related, other than in the minds of those who knew of them, their accomplishments and their failings.
Ellie Greenwich is a notable pop songwriter.  Among her compositions, with various collaborators, are “Be My Baby,” “Da Doo Ron Ron,” “And Then He Kissed Me,” “Chapel Of Love”, ”River Deep, Mountain High”, ”Hanky Panky,” [...]

Afternoon Quiz: Are These Headlines from ‘The Onion’?

Sorry, these stories all have some basis in fact or fact-based opinion.  They’re from today’s Huffington Post.
“God is great, beer is good and People Are Crazy”

popGeezer’s Pop-Culture Guide to NYC, Now With Enriched Iridium!! (Revised On Event of Les Paul’s Death)

Updated 8/13/2009 AM:
The news has just broken that the godfather of the electric guitar, Les Paul, has passed away at the age of 94.  We’ll have more in-depth coverage later, but below is the article we posted last year after seeing Mr. Paul live at the Iridium:
Original 8/28/2008 Posting:
So I went to NYC for a [...]

Is This News? Only If You Care About Grammar.

With the triumphant return of Slick Willy to the news this week, it’s nice to see a renewed interest in my favorite, and the most fascinating, of America’s recent first families. 
But this Huffington Post piece today only counts as news if the headline is accurate.  Reading the brief article only turns curiosity to disappointment.  At least [...]

When The Man Comes For Your Dog, It’s Time To Throw Down

Right off the bat, let’s be clear:

popGeezer.com does not advocate the downloading of copyrighted material, however we have read the tale of Pandora’s Box.
popGeezer.com is a stalwart believer in the First Sale Doctrine, as it applies to packaged entertainment goods, as does the majority of the court system of the United States.
popGeezer.com believes that pets [...]

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