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“Let’s Go Racing!” Ten Years After.

Let me say, I consider myself the furthest thing possible from a redneck.  But I do like to watch those hi-tech “stock cars” go round and round the track. 
Ten years ago today, Dale Earnhardt unintentionally gave his life to change his sport.  Becoming a martyr to speed, to machinery, to the garage, and to NASCAR [...]

“I’ll Take ‘Unfortunate Headlines’ For $400, Alex.”


Why Vanderbilt Is Cool… (Updated Anew)

Updated June 27, 2010:
Here’s a golden oldie from the popGeezer archives, but take a second to click down to the comments…  “Cam”, the creator of the funniest “Gameday” sign in ESPN history, found us!!!
Belated massive kudos to Cam, and to the hippest campus in the NCAA!!!
Updated 10/7/2008 PM: Mucho welcome-o to all who appear to [...]

Another Favorite NYC “Landmark” Bites The Dust

Well, another of my favorite stops in central Manhattan is biting the dust. 
The Walt Disney Company announced today that they are shuttering five of the seven remaining locations of their ESPN Zone sports bar/restaurants, including the one at 1472 Broadway near historic Times Square.

This key location has also been the home of “ESPN’s The Sports Reporters” broadcasts for some [...]

“This Week In Pop-Culture History”, For The Week of April 19th-23rd!

Friday arrives.  But pout not, for there is still one day of data left for popGeezer.com’s “This Week in Pop-Culture History!” 
For the Date of April 23rd:
Happy St. George’s Day to these birthday celebrants – Lee Majors (1939), Joyce Dewitt (1949), dear Valerie Bertinelli (1960), and to TV’s George Lopez (1961) and John Hannah (1962).
We wish a posthumous [...]

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