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And Overnight…. Everything Changed! The Marvel Super-Hero Team-Up You Wished For Is Really Coming!!

So, late on Monday, February 9th, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios dropped something of a bombshell, which was the most stunning aftershock of the Sony data hack scandal of late 2014.
Starting with a cross-over appearance by the webslinger in an unnamed Marvel film, the Amazing Spider-Man was coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe… mostly. After [...]

SDCC Gives Us The Calendar Of Comic Book Movies! [Updated After A Jaunty Stroll On The Gaza Strip!]

Updated 8/6 PM (After a whirlwind of activity):
First, Warner blinked on the Batman/Superman release date in the face of the unexpected blockbustering of Guardians Of The Galaxy, now sailing past $200 million worldwide. For a moment, DC’s defeat was palpable.

“Hey, I’m a movie star!! Bwah-hah-hahh!!!”

Then, like a Sunday on the Gaza Strip, the silence was [...]

“Holy Gucamole, Batman!” The Boob Tube Becomes The ‘Boom Tube’ (or is that the other way around?) As Comics Invade Your TV! !

OK, first the usual apologies and groveling for having been away so long.
Yes, I promised to preview Season Three of Sherlock (and it was amazing!), but truthfully, I have been sick as a dog for much of the new year and when I wasn’t sick I was either weak from being sick or over-worked or [...]

Time To Pick A Side, Geezoids! It’s The Double-Team Review For “Man Of Steel” (Spoiler Alert)

It’s time to “double-team” review one of the most anticipated films of the past three years: Warner Brother’s massive Superman reboot, Man Of Steel. Both our intrepid reporters have ideas on how to fix it, though they disagree on how MUCH of it might need repair.
First up, your rather shaken popGeezer:
Oh… where to start? Richard [...]

“Man Of Steel”: T-Minus 4 And Counting (Spoiler Alert, Only If We’ve Guessed Right)

As you may know, this website has used up a lot of pixels on the subject of Superman over the past five years. Especially once Cadillac Jack started covering Smallville.
And I recently made sure you all understood that, in my opinion, 1979’s Superman: The Movie is STILL the most perfect comic book movie ever made, edging [...]

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