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“There Can Be Only One”…. A Few Words On My Forty Years With David Letterman

By 1978, Indiana-born ex-TV weatherman David Letterman had moved to Hollywood, become a favorite at The Comedy Store, appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and tapped to be a semi-regular guest host of that show on some of Johnny’s many nights off.
If you never saw Letterman in this era, you missed his particular [...]

What Does The FOX Say? “If It Ain’t Broke, Try & Make It Better!!”

Buoyed by one of their best seasons, and biggest breakout hit, ever, FOX takes the opposite approach from NBC this Fall. “If it ain’t broke, make it even better”.
Resisting the temptation to order 50 episodes of Empire, and run it twice a week like the old Batman show, FOX does the next best thing – [...]

Hey! Kevin Spacey….

You just lost an Emmy to Jeff Daniels in the most bizarre example of Hollywood’s legendary Liberal bias… like, ever.
How do you feel?

Yeah…. I feel you, dude.

A Modest New Book Proposal From popGeezer Press….

“So, Your Fundamentalist Christian Friend Just Decided President Obama Is The Anti-Christ”
A Guide To Navigating A Potentially Uncomfortable Personal Situation
By popGeezer Press

Invite your friend to lunch at a local Chili’s or Applebee’s . These are effective non-threatening locations, and it will supply a very benign ambiance.
Arrive early, and be seated first. Have the host/hostess bring [...]

So, Where’d You Go???

You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.
Our server home had a bit of trouble, taking popGeezer.com down for just shy of a week. But all is fixed, we’re grateful to our Internet pals for patching the holes, and now we’re actually going to give you some content. Granted, it’s hijacked from our tumblr blog, [...]

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